Carolina Amuchastegui

“As a painter I try to enhance the beauty of life, reflected in characters, scenes from everyday life, animals and landscapes; so that the viewer “rests” in my work provoking sensations of delight, well-being peace and calm… ”
Carolina Amuchastegui


Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1972, she graduated from the Provincial School of Applied Arts, Lino E. Spilimbergo where she was awarded a gold medal for Drawing career and honorable mention in 1995. After graduating, she studied painting at Dr. Figueroa Alcorta School of Fine Arts, where she perfected her oil painting techniques and attended several workshops of renowned Argentine Artists.

A realist oil painter and watercolorist, Amuchastegui is from a family of artists.  Her uncle Axel Amuchástegui, a renowned animal painter known for his hyper-realistic portraits, inspired her to adopt her painting technique, and you can see some of her art in galleries’ or establishments.

Her works have a technical virtuosity using high resolution in color precision and details. Her paintings are created with a devotion to past European masters , using multiple layers to build up the paint surface.

Her works show sensitivity as she plays with light and shadow creating mysterious and calm atmospheres. She finds inspiration in everything that relates to the field, nature, landscapes , animals, horses and portraits.

Her first work sold in Miami at the Exhibition of Latin American Art in 2002 was acquired by  a private collector. This achievement pushed her to show her paintings in several solo and group exhibitions in different prestigious galleries from the United States and South America including: Centoira Galería de Arte (Buenos Aires -Argentina), New Masters Gallery (Carmel – California), and Forest & Ocean Gallery (Laguna Beach -California ), where she currently exhibits.

Much of her work was done at the request of private collectors from different places. Passionate about her work, Carolina Amuchastegui can paint with precision and extreme definition of line and colour the nature that surrounds her.